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LiveTrades Weekly Trading Ideas: $BRKR $PCTY $SMG $SDLP $STX $TTD $VRTU

The weekends are the perfect time to get a good list of trade ideas ready to go for the upcoming week.  Tonight I wanted to share a handful of the names and setups on my list.  Each chart has an area that is highlighted yellow.  These are areas that I believe are key price points as they have acted as support, resistance, or both in the past.  For long trades, I would not be interested in owning these names under the highlighted areas.  I try to enter as close to these areas as possible to minimize my loss if the trade goes against me.  Some of these are right at these key levels and others I’d want to see pull back a bit.  Now for the charts:

These are some that caught my eye over the weekend while doing my review.  I like all of these setups and currently own PCTY and have calls in NEM from the list above.  Given these setups, I think the odds are I own a few more of these before the end of the week.

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Author: Greg Krupinski


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